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Open Your Eyes

Open Your Eyes

All of the wines within the Mount Felix portfolio are inspired by "Passion", "Family"; "Friends"; and "Love".

Ralph Waldo Emerson said,

"The purpose of life is ...to be useful, honorable, compassionate, to make some difference that you have lived ..and lived well".


Why The Name "Iris Nebula"?

My young son, AJ loves Greek mythology and the Hubble telescope. The relationship between the two fascinated him because many celestial bodies are named after Greek and Roman Gods and Goddeses. One day, AJ asked me the following question;

"Dad, there's a celestial body named Iris Nebula...there was a Greek Goddess named "Iris" and she was Greek Goddess of rainbows...

and to make a rainbow... you need water and sunlight...

Dad! We need water and light to grow grapes and make wine..right?

We should name a wine... "Iris Nebula!" " 


With Iris Nebula Wines our theme is, "open your eyes" ...because we want our wines to make "some difference" for a moment ...to inspire people to find  "passion"... to truly see "family" and "friends"...  to look "love" directly within its "eye" and not know where the human body ends and the celestial body begins.  

Think of all the songs written about the human eye as the ultimate part of the body for intimacy. Just think, one can love someone through all of the seasons of their entire life...some of us lose our "hair"...and our bodies change as well....but the human "iris" remains a constant ...unchanged...and "love" can be the same. 



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